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0844 567 4250

Computer/Laptop Repair

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PC & Laptop Repair Specialists

LOVE 4 IT is a family owned computer repair company based in Waltham Abbey, North London. Our 15 years experience in all aspects of computer repair means we are able to assist you in all your PC/Laptop repair requirements. We can help you with any matter in relation to laptop repairs, including broken hardware and cracked screens, virus infection including Malware and Spyware, memory and other hardware upgrades for all kinds of computers, data recovery from hard drives and memory cards, internet security and much more. Click on any column on the right hand side to see all the kinds of issues that can arise with todays PC's, and how LOVE 4 IT can help you resolve them

Give us a call on 0844 567 4250 to see what we can help you with.

Did you know?

Why are errors in computer code called 'Bugs'

Its's a very popular misconception that Grace Hopper, when working on a very early computer in 1947, coined the term 'Bug' after her colleague found a moth had been trapped in an electrical circuit in the machine

Although she loved to regale the story, the term 'Bug' had been used many times in the past to describe mechanical malfunctions. Thomas Edison had even used the term as early as 1878 in a letter to a colleague!

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