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No Net Connection!

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No Net Connection!

Nov 30, 12

No Net Connection!!!

As per usual, we have had a crazy week here at HiTechRepairs. One fault which is common in a lot of desktops and laptops is the “lost internet connection”.

This error can occur at any time! Given our experience in dealing with this issue and customer feedback it can occur from anything as innocent as emailing or shopping. This problem may seem like it stems from the last website the machine had access to but that is far from the truth!

This can be a result of a driver having a error or malware running riot on your machine causing the machine to malfunction. This problem can easily be solved by an experienced technician without the need to re-install the original operating system. However if the malware has had an effect on one of the system files then a re-installation of the operating system may be required. In some extreme cases it may be that the actual network card or for laptops wireless cards would need replacing.

Whatever the issue we here at HiTechRepairs are confident of finding a solution and a end to your problem.


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