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Upgrading the Processor

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Upgrading the Processor

Aug 29, 12

Today we completed a processor upgrade!

Normally a computers drop in performance can be put down to viral infections, a full hard drive or too many programs being run in the background by Windows. However, in some cases it can be a result of your processor no longer able to cope with the demands of certain software installed on your machine. Upgraded software will demand more from your machine ultimately putting your processor to some serious work!

A simple processor upgrade can give your machine a new lease of life and can help bring your machine up to date with todays technology. Although this may not be a cheap option, this is ideal for anybody who has certain programs installed on their machine that they can do without the hassle of both re-installing or in many cases paying for the program all over again. This process may also require an upgrade to the machines BIOS.

The processor is a vital component to the machine, so before trying this at home make sure you fully understand the process that needs to be carried out. If you are unsure and would like some help, we @HiTechRepairs are here to assist! We offer a processor upgrade service for both laptop & PC from 29.99!

A processor can also become damaged as a result of overheating therefore we also carry out a FREE internal valet service with this upgrade!


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