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Computer & Laptop Keyboard Repair

keyboard repair

Common Keyboard Errors we can fix

There are many problems that can affect your computer or laptop keyboard. If tea, coffee, juice etc have been spilled onto the keyboard or laptop this will very likely damage the hardware itself. If key(s) from your keyboard or laptop are damaged or missing there is a good chance that the keyboard can be replaced. If you unsure as to whether we can fix your computer keyboard or laptop please give us a call on 0844 567 4250 to talk to one of our experienced technicians.

Is your computer keyboard or laptop keyboard suffering from

  • The keyboard doesn't work at all.
  • Some of the keys don't work.
  • The key you press doesnt match what appears on the screen.
  • Keys have come off or are unstable.
  • The keys have become sticky.
  • Lights on the keyboard flash.
  • The keys have debris between them.
  • The cursor keys don't work or are stuck on.

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