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0844 567 4250

Laptop Repairs

laptop repair

Laptop Faults we can fix

Laptops and netbooks are usually very portable and ideal for working whilst on the go. However, that versatility also means they can become damaged very easily. Cases, screen, leads and ports are all susceptable to wear and tear. Also they are far more likely to overheat due to the amount of components crammed into such a small space. LOVE 4 IT are extremely experienced in repairing all types of Laptops and Notebook computers, so if you're having problems with yours please give us a call on 0844 567 4250 to speak to one of our experienced technicians.

Is your Laptop or Notebook having problems with

  • The Laptop / Notebook wont turn on.
  • The Laptop / Notebook battery wont charge.
  • The Laptop / Notebook has a damaged case or screen.
  • The Laptop / Notebook keeps freezing while in use.
  • The Laptop / Notebook makes loud noises while in use.
  • The Laptop / Notebook feels like its overheating.
  • The Laptop / Notebook won't connect to the internet.

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