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Trackpad and Mouse Repairs

trackpad repair

Common Mouse and Trackpad problems we can fix

Your mouse or laptop trackpad pad can often be the cause of frustration if they are not working properly. A mouse in particular can start to 'stick' and work intermittently causing irritating delays in carrying out the smallest task. Trackpads, due to their sensitivity, can be damaged or lose their function through the course of your laptops life. Then there is the issue of new 'drivers' being issued. These are small programs that tell your computer how the mouse or trackpad should function. If you require any advice as to whether we can repair your mouse or trackpad please give us a call on 0844 567 4250 to speak to one of our experienced technicians.

Is your computer mouse or laptop trackpad suffering from

  • Mouse / Touchpad is not working at all
  • Mouse / Touchpad moves intermittently
  • Mouse / Touchpad moves too fast or too slow
  • Mouse / Touchpad 'sticks'
  • The onscreen cursor is 'jittery'
  • Lights on the Mouse are flashing

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