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0844 567 4250

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Enfield Pc Repair

PC and Laptop Repair Specialists

LOVE 4 IT has now been serving the public and business clients of London and the surrounding areas for the past four years and selling computers spares since 1988 and are still going strong.
All areas of PC & Laptop repairs or cover by LOVE 4 IT;

  • Networking Issues
  • Sofware Issues
  • Laptop screen replacements
  • Laptop Component Repair
  • Computer Component Repair or Replacement

When you have a problem with your PC or Laptop it is essential that the fault is diagnosed correctly by an experienced technician. At the LOVE 4 IT repair centre the team can carry out the necessary tests, diagnose and repair problems on your PC or Laptop. Customers can drop-in and leave their system to be repaired. This saves customers both time and money as there is no call- out charges or we can come to you for a small call-out fee.

Once the PC or Laptop is at the LOVE 4 IT's repair centre diagnoses begins. If there is a hardware fault i.e. hard disk failure then the customer is notified with the respective replacement costs quoted. In many cases a slow PC or Laptop is in need of a good service, which is what LOVE 4 IT specialise in. Frequently customers find that their systems operation is dramatically improved by their Full system clean up service.

All of your system data documents pictures settings etc are safe, the only thing that is cleaned from you PC/ laptop is all the nasty bugs and junk slowing it down. Once this is done they leave some tools on your desktop so you can continue to maintain it yourself. A full internal and external valet is carried out as well.

Give us a call on 0844 567 4250 to see what we can help you with

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