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Inkjet and Laser Printer Repairs

printer repair

Common Printer problems we can fix

There cannot be many greater sources of frustration than a printer not working properly. Your document or picture is on the screen and you would like a paper copy to print out. And thats when it all starts to go wrong. You press the button and nothing happens, or if something does actually start to come out of the printer, its a garbled mess of colour or text. Why not let our experienced staff have a look at it? Give us a call on 0844 567 4250 to speak to one of our experienced technicians.

Is your computer printer suffering from

  • The printer will not turn on
  • The printer will not print anything
  • .
  • Lights on the printer are flashing continuously
  • .
  • The computer tells you there is a problem with the printer.
  • Printed images are blurred or blocky
  • .
  • Printed text does not align properly.
  • Paper is becoming jammed in the printer.
  • Printed images are too faint
  • .

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